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    June?! oh wooow, right around the corner! you must be giddy and nervous and excited! i can't wait to see what your dress will look like i remember you describing it in ptc. it sounded lovely

    and yes mike can act like a 5 yr old lol (but then again so can i) but when it comes to things that are important and really matter, he can be very serious and mature.
    and joe was your first boyfriend too? or well long relationship wise. mike's my first relationship... period. omg i was amused/slightly embarrassed cause he went out to dinner with my best friend and her boyfriend and she told him: "yeeeah you're her first everything" xD omg. but he's very polite about it, he's lovely. i always worried a guy wouldn't like that, but mike seems to really appreciate and respect that :)

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    hey revi! how are you? j?

    haha awww thanks! lol my friend teresa is all "omg you're so cute" hahaha

    i love him, very much and we are very open with one another...but marriage? eeeek image lol you know the hilarious thing is that he's 22 and a guy and HE is the one who brings up marriage...even in subtle ways. but he knows i am in no way ready for that, mostly cause i told him so lol. he's my first boyfriend and jumping into something that big is well too big a thing for me to handle lol just not ready for that step in life you know. so did you guys set a date? or have an idea of when you want to get hitched? :)

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    Reply from revi83:

    hehe....well, at least he's talking about marriage, which is a good sign considering he's still young but sounds mature.
    Joe was also my first boyfriend for a long term relationship. But yea, you should just enjoy yourself together and take your time.

    I'm getting married on June 25th! I can't believe it's in like two months... it's so unreal...hehe..but I'm excited and stressed 'cause there's still a lot to do.

    Take care
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    Misty Nichole

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    Hello to you too!

    It's an absolute pleasure to meet you as well.
    I don't know about these girls they're silly...starting a thread about me of all things! Only kidding I love these girls they're awesome! Honestly I couldn't have been welcomed into a better "family". And it's going to take them A LOT of work to scare me off. ( not that they'd least i hope not)

    Ah a fellow organic food lover, it's a real pleasure to meet someone right into organic like myself.

    Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk more. I look forward to seeing you around.
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    you're so welcomed sweety :)

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Currently I'm an Assistant- Dietitian at a medical hospital.

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I LOVE to play the piano, go to Broadway shows, Josh concerts, Cirque Du Soleil, classical concerts (seeing violinist Joshua Bell, and pianist Simon Mulligan), Bowling, ice-skating and I can juggle with three balls :). I love to cook (veggies mostly) and mostly bake (sweet things). I love spending time in the BIG Apple... and of course, my favorite of all is spending time with my current loving Fiance.

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